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Beer is good! Rumplemint is bad!

Posted in Eclectic by Christina on October 23, 2009

It is not often I have drunken stories to share.  Last night, by far, was the most drunk I have ever been in my life.  I did not even drink a lot, but the combo of booze and my prescriptions was a horrid mess.  It ended up with me a sobbing mess, asking for my (dead) mother, and apologizing like I just shot the president.

I guess I am glad to learn my new tolerance.  It did provide a few funny stories.  Thankfully Matt is a good friend, and dealt with me.  He even went and got James because I wanted him to come over.  When Matt dropped me off, my drunk ass would not get out of the car, when I finally did get out I managed to get to my stairs.  I then proceeded to fall asleep on the stairs.  Poor James, stuck outside, while I sleep on the stairs.  He even got me a blanket after I was complaining of being cold and needing one.  James also acted as my pillow.  Apparently he had his arms around me and his head on my chest and I fell asleep with my head on his.  He stayed like that for 20 minutes, in the cold, just so I could sleep.  What a good man!  When he finally had to move, I told him I needed another blanket and he asked if I wanted one and I said no, haha.  Then I told him to let me sleep on the stairs, and he could just go to bed.  I had every intention of sleeping there.

So yeah, it was pretty fucking funny.  I woke up at 5 a.m. feeling relatively well, James and I laughed about my drunken escapades, and then I ate some food because I was starving.  My rebound is still amazing, I was up and eating McDonald’s breakfast this morning.  About to eat again.

So, I learned what being really drunk is like, and I hate it.  I learned that my tolerance is not even close to how it use to be.  I learned that Matt is still my friend, even putting up with my obnoxious drunk ass.  And I learned that James must really love me to come over and take care of me when he had an exam the next day and should have been studying.


Aggravation Multiplied…

Posted in Eclectic by Christina on August 5, 2009

I have been horribly neglecting my blog. Not from laziness or desire, but out of need. The past week has just been one of complete frustration. I have been feebly attempting to get into Graduate school. The issue is not one of acceptance, as the department chair has informed me I am definitely accepted. The issue is one of bureaucracy. Back in March I began my graduate school application. I am applying to FSC, the same school I recently graduated from with my B.S. By May, all my items were submitted for my application, sans two recommendations. The professors that I had asked for recommendations assured me that they would be put in. By July I became concerned, as I needed formal acceptance to receive financial aid. I contacted the head of graduate admissions for the History department. She lit a fire under the professor’s asses, resulting in one of the two professors submitting a recommendation. The other professor did not. I then proceeded to ask a different professor, who wrote me a recommendation with two days. Finally, all items were submitted.

Unfortunately, I have dealt with nothing but crap since July. I contacted the registrar and told them what the best way was for me to register for graduate classes given the fact I was not formally accepted yet. They changed my status to non-matriculated so that I could register, which I did. I informed student accounts that I would not be able to pay for the classes, as my financial aid would cover them once I was accepted and it was awarded. They said they would make a note on my account that I was awaiting financial aid. In the meantime I contacted financial aid to ask about work study. I wanted to know if graduate students qualified. They replied they needed my student ID, etc… I sent them that information, and still have yet to receive a response. I did, however, receive a letter stating that I cannot receive financial aid because I am a non-matriculated student. I then sent them another email explaining my situation, and that I was just awaiting formal acceptance into my degree program. I then asked once again about work study. I have yet to get a reply.

I get home from running errands today, to find out that I have been withdrawn from my classes for failure to pay. I have reached a new level of frustration. I am about to tell FSC to go fuck itself. I do plan on writing a very strongly worded letter about the frustrations I went through to attend graduate school. I think it is utterly ridiculous that through no fault of my own, I am stuck dealing with this issue day after day.

I am thoroughly aggravated. I am not trying to be conceited, but in reality I could have gone to a ton of “better” schools with my academic accomplishments. I chose FSC because it is close (literally 2 minutes from my apartment) and I could continue working at my decently paying part-time job. I do not have the option at this point in my life to attend any more day classes. I have a 3.8 GPA, graduated Magna Cum Laude, am a President’s List award recipient, have been on the Dean’s List the entire time, and won the Roger F. Holmes History Excellence award. Why the fuck should I deal with any of this? I know I am going to be accepted, but because of the bureaucracy of not being formally accepted, I am stuck dealing with this bullshit.

Anyways, I will return to my (hopefully) more intellectual blogs soon. This one is solely about venting.

The Art of Being Rude….

Posted in Eclectic by Christina on July 31, 2009
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My biggest pet peeve in life is rude people.  I honestly see no purpose in being rude.  It serves no one, not even yourself.  This is very evident in the service industry (which, in reality, incorporates almost every business that deals directly with people).  Every day I go somewhere and am forced to deal with a rude person.  Perhaps it is someone who cuts you off in line at the store, or the person serving you coffee.  Either way, my life is inundated with rude people.  My plan of attack in dealing with rude people is one of two things; be rude back or be sarcastically sweet.  I determine which method I use by the feeling I get about the person.  I use to accept rudeness, but with age comes the confidence to speak up.

Here is the reality.  I do not care if you are having a bad minute, hour, day, or life.  You have NO excuse for being rude.  I do not cause your problems, so therefore you should not be taking your frustrations out on me.  In the case of service industry folk, it is not my problem that you hate your job.  Yes, the economy sucks and maybe you made $60k a year and now work at Walmart – but you are working and that is what matters.  Perhaps you think your job is beneath you, superiority will get you no where.  Maybe you are just miserable with having to work 40 hours a week, year after a year, at a low paying job.  Again, not my problem.  I will not pity you.  No matter what job you are doing in life, you should do it well.  That means being courteous to others that need your help or rely on you for whatever item(s) they may need.

I could not EVER imagine working where I did and being rude to anyone.  I quoted new products, and I was in constant contact with customers and/or potential customers.  I had a lot of pressure to get quotes done quickly, resolve tooling issues, etc…  Not ONCE would I even think to be rude.  I had automotive big wigs calling and demanding quotes 30 minutes after sending me a blueprint, if I was rude I was jobless.

I think what was the final straw in my avoidance of the rudeness issue occurred at work (my previous life’s job, not the current one).  We had, by far, the biggest bitch of a receptionist ever.  She was a jaded and miserable person, much like myself.  However, I would never think to say the things she did.  If a salesperson showed up, she would be aggravated that they were asking to see someone.  If the phone rang and she was busy, she answered it rudely.  She honestly struck fear in the hearts of most of her coworkers, even the company president.  No one wanted to ask her for office supplies, to fax something, to call someone, or essentially do any aspect of her job.  I remember one day I was asked by my boss (the president) to have the receptionist order some supplies.  I went downstairs and gave her a list and asked if she could order these items.  She proceeded to get mad at me, as if it was an inconvenience to do her job.  I looked at her point blank and stated “Do not get upset with me, I was asked by [the president] to have these supplies ordered.”  I turned around and walked away.  I then discussed my problem with one of our full-time consultants.  I explained to him that I could no longer deal with the way she treated me, or others.  He decided to have a discussion with her.  Well, she did not speak to me for weeks after that.  If I received a phone call and was out on the shop floor, she would page me using a very unmistakably snotty tone.  Everyone in the shop would just look at me with a “What the fuck?” face.  There was one time that payroll was messed up, and the employees did not receive one day of holiday pay.  She was so upset that when the employees came to get their paychecks from her, she stated “Bend over, because you are getting fucked by the company once again.”  The point is, the day that was missing came in the next paycheck.  It was not like the company said “Ooops, we forgot to pay you, too bad.”  Shortly after these events, while she was on vacation, her stuff was packed up and she was fired.

Though you may wish this was the end of my flashbacks, it is not.  Our customer service rep was so rude to one of our largest customers (Cybex – very expensive gym equipment manufacturers), that they specifically requested I handle their account.  This customer service rep would often argue with people, just for the sake of arguing.  It did not matter that she was wrong, and knew she was wrong, it was always someone else’s problem or fault.

Perhaps I am too polite.  But I feel that unless someone gives me reason to be otherwise, being polite is a good policy.  I am a very grumpy, moody, miserable person.  Yet, it is not one of my rights to make others as miserable as I am.  As I always say, live life as you want without impeding on how others live theirs.  By being rude for no reason, you are impeding on other people’s lives.  They do not need the aggravation of rudeness.  And trust me, it is an aggravation.  You could be in a perfectly good mood, and one rude person can ruin your day.

So in closing, remember that you share this world with others.  You need to be respectful of them, as long as they are respectful to you.  Causing someone unnecessary frustration is selfish act.  It takes more energy to be rude, than to be polite.  In fact, being polite might make you feel a little better because the response you get back from others will be positive rather than negative.

I want more…

Posted in Eclectic by Christina on July 31, 2009
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The goal of the Daily Eclectic is to write a daily post, but alas I have already failed at my task.  Perhaps setting a goal of daily blogging is too much for me, but is it not better to want more rather than less?

When I think of more, I think of all the people who say they want more money.  Almost everyone wants more money, no matter how well off one is.  To me the issue of money is more about management than anything.  I am relatively broke, and yes I would want more money.  But, what good would it do me?  I would just spend it on frivolous things anyways.  I need new clothes, no I really do, but I would never spend extra money on a necessity.  For me, and many others, extra money is generally wasted and it allows us to still consider ourselves broke because we cannot buy clothes, or get the washing machine fixed.  Our priorities are off as a society.  I am guilty of this as well.  If indeed we have more money, it inevitably leads to wanting more material goods.  Everyone at some point in their lives have pulled out the broke card, yet they still have money to drink, smoke, buy cds, movies, or whatever your like happens to be.  I have heard people say they cannot afford groceries, yet that $8.50 pack of cigarettes you smoke every day could buy a whole lot of food.  I think our society believes in indulgence, rather than frugality.  I am very hedonistic, and I do not look at it as a bad thing.  It is important to realize that by giving into our indulgences, we often must sacrifice elsewhere.  I like to eat out, and have my weekly beers with friends.  I know that by doing those things, I cannot eat the quality of food I would like at home, or that I cannot afford to rent movies as much as I would like.  I accept that to stay in balance, I must give up something else along the way.  That is always the problem with more.

With more, comes even more, and so on and so forth.  What we have is never enough.  You could have a fabulous meal, but maybe you want more (how many second helpings can one person have?).  More fries please, let’s upgrade our value meal.  Single cheeseburger?  Not when you can have a double.  Why get one scoop of ice cream when you can have three.  It seems as if we are conditioned to want more, whether we need it or not.  Restaurants that give good size portions are always praised, when those that supply little are not.  Grocery stores are inundated with products that have 25% more in them.  Wholesale stores provide more, more more.

What about television?  There are more shows being produced then anytime in history, and yet people often feel there is nothing on.  How is that possible?  They want more.  Even with everything there is to watch, in every genre impossible, the joy of On Demand, and DVRs, they still want more!

What if we society wanted more education?  What then?  Why do we not crave something as important as education, the way we crave our super-sized value meals?  Imagine if everyone could not get enough of books or lectures.  You never hear any college person ask for longer class times or more schoolwork.  We seem to want more when it comes to instant gratification, but not anything that is sustainable over time.  I do not feel we can all be academicians, but how refreshing would it be to meet people that do not want more food, more money, more television, but instead want more to learn about?  I often feel those that do not desire to be educated (disclaimer: by educated I do not necessarily mean formal education, I mean people who absorb knowledge and understand the power of it), are those that perhaps find knowledge wasteful.  What purpose is knowledge if we have such a short time on this earth?  Really, is there a good argument for it?  Probably not, yet my priority is knowledge because that is what is needed to change the world and make a difference.  We are wasteful, when so many underdeveloped countries would love to learn all that we just simply disregard.

Perhaps more is not always better, perhaps moderation is.  More does drive us though, for better jobs, better lives, and better material goods.  But maybe it is better to be satisfied, have less, and share MORE with others who need your help.  I have less than I have ever had in my life, but I have so much more than I have ever had in my life just the same.

My WordPress Virginity

Posted in Eclectic by Christina on July 28, 2009
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Since I have titled this blog The Daily Eclectic, I feel that is better to start my blog sooner rather than later. I have had more blogs than even I can count. Each blog had its own special meaning. I have decided to consolidate all of my blogs into WordPress. I am excited to be venturing out into more mainstream blogging by being a contributor to I am looking forward to sharing my opinion with the world, and I hope the world is as excited to hear it.

I am often brutally honest in my posts. I suffer from bipolar 2 disorder, something that is little understood by most people. I am learning to accept it, as it has made me the uber-quirky person I am today. My diagnosis came later in life, so that has posed its own set of problems. It does not rule me, but it does affect me daily.

My view of this world is often jaded, I see so much violence and hatred that my mind cannot grasp it. Being a budding historian, I have learned about so much cruelty that I cannot help but feel the pain of it all. While most of the world pushes these feelings aside, I often let them overcome me. Perhaps that adds to my already present depression, but I feel that what I suffer from this is significantly less than what so many people in history have suffered.

This blog will be an odd combination of what is on my mind, mixed in with a whole bunch of randomness. A word or song my prompt me to write, or perhaps I am feeling down and want to share with everyone what I am going through.

Either way, what I have to say is the truth. I try to be as open as possible, something I have never done before. Perhaps by being honest, someone out there will be able to relate and not feel alone in their thoughts.